TDHCA $10000 first time home buyer down payment assistance runs out of money

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2017)

TDHCA $10,000 Down Payment Assistance for first time runs out of money.

Unlike Bond 77 Down payment assistance there are additional funds available for the HTF – HAP $10,000 Texas Down payment assistance program.  

This was last checked last Friday October 13th

Also as I mentioned in my previous post that unlike Bond 77 Down Payment Assistance there are no additional fees with obtaining the down payment assistance from TDHCA. This makes it an ideal down payment assistance program for first time home buyers because their closing costs will be decreased as opposed to other down payment assistance programs. To find get on the waiting list for funds when they are released you will need to check with your lender or if your lender will not assist you then we would be delighted to assist you please fill out our online application here or simply call our contact page and we will be happy to assist you.

If you’s like to find out more details about the program see my previous post which covers many of the mis-information that is being distributed by lenders that do not want you to use the program.

Texas Down Payment Assistance Summary:

To qualify for this program you must be able to qualify for a regular FHA Mortgage.  If you cannot qualify and be approved by an approved TDHCA Lender you cannot receive the funds for this Texas down payment assistance program.  To find out if you qualify you will need to:

  • If you are prequalified with a lender you MUST either get the down payment assistance from that lender or move your loan to us for us to assist you further.
  • If you are not prequalified with a Lender then fill out our online application here or simply call our contact page and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Don’t Forget you will need to take a HUD approved  Home buyer education class to take advantage of this Texas First Time home buyer down payment assistance program.

If you have specific questions about Income Caps, Purchase price limits or other details of the program in your area call our office at our contact page and speak to a Mortgage Banker. If you are currently working with another lender on your Texas Down Payment Assistance

Note: we are not a State or Federal agency we are a mortgage bank