What is a Certified Mortgage Professional?

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2016)

What is a Certified Mortgage Coach? First of all we are not “loan agents”.  We are Certified Mortgage Planners and we design a mortgage plan that will properly work with your financial and retirement plans. A home loan is a financial tool and should be used as such.   Your home is likely your largest investment and likewise likely your largest asset in your life. The home loan used to purchase or finance your home is probably your largest liability also.

Successful people have financial planners for their investments, CPAs to manage their tax issues, attorneys to manage their legal issues, however it’s a rare person who understands the value of an asset and liability manager.  Certified Mortgage Professionals are Asset and Liability Advisors and should be part of your financial planning.  If don’t have a financial planner or CPA and you are looking to buy or refinance a home then you need to use a Certified Mortgage Coach most of all.

Will it cost me extra to use your expertise? In a word, NOTHING. The right mortgage planner can save you and your family tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.  We are paid the exact same way that a Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Banker or Loan officer are.  We help you…

Reduce Stress

  • By making complex concepts simple by…
  • Documenting and Educating by  Clearly Explaining and educating you
  • Thus a truly informed decision is a less stressful one

Save Money

  • By analyzing the different total costs of different mortgage programs over time
  • By analyzing and recommending debt reduction strategies that work with your wealth building plan
  • By being educated and tracking the market to insure that your loan is locked at the best possible time

Increase Wealth

  • Showing how to reduce debt, build and protect equity over time
  • Educating you to make smart and fully informed decisions
  • Always considering your long-term goals

What areas do you service? We provide Mortgage Planning Services for the State or Texas.CMPS Institute

Who Certified You? The Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist Institute.

I’m a Realtor, CPA or Attorney or Financial planner, how can you assist me?

  • Realtors: By educating your clients about the process we help you focus more of your time listing, showing properties and writing offers.  In addition we have strategies that help you get more qualified buyers into your properties and to sell your listings faster.
  • Financial Planners, Attorney or CPAs: We work within the framework that you have already established with your client to make an educated and most of all wise purchase or refinance decision.  The focus is to work hand in hand with you and your clients to implement both long and short-term goals.  Many times the mortgage is overlooked as a key component of this strategy.

For more information about this program and how it helps partners and clients, feel free to give me a call at our contact page

Certified Home Loan Professional in the Woodlands, TX