Realtor Branded Home Buyer and Seller Workshops

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2016)

Realtor’s Here is a tool to educate your Buyers and to brand you as the Expert.  I’m offering this free of charge to all Realtors in the state of Texas.  Rather than a long post I’ll let the Video Speak for itself!  After Watching if  you’d like your own Free Video Workshop just Call our office  at  our contact page  and We’ll get you set up.


OK, here’s the video that all the animals can swipe to promote the automated webinar to your real estate agents so that you can get buyer leads off of their website. Remember, this system comes as part of your mastermind membership, nothing for you guys to buy now (I bought it for you). See what you think of this and let me know. If you like it, I’ll provide a link for you to download to put on your facebook fan page.