TDHCA $10000 first time home buyer down payment assistance going.. going… gone

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2016)

As noted in my previous post the HAP $10,000 Down payment assistance program ran out of money in late 2011. First the Good news the HTF- HAP $10,000 Texas Down payment assistance program is coming back within the next few weeks.  The not so good news is that TDHCA will only be allocating $1,000,000 and that is enough for less than 100 loans across the state of Texas.  

New first time home buyer programs in the woodlands TexasOnce this funding is gone the program will be discontinued and it will NOT come back.  Of the down payment assistance programs in the state of Texas the HAP down payment assistance program is by far the best and has the lowest fees of any down payment assistance program in the state of Texas for First time home buyers. This information is correct and up to date as of today, Tuesday October 17th 2017.

Purchasing your first Home in Texas is about to become more difficult and costly

As announced on January,26 2012 FHA is considering Lowering the Seller contributions.  The HAP $10,000 Texas down payment assistance program was the only program that a first time home buyer could use to get into a home with very little to no down payment.  However, while most down payment assistance programs in the state of Texas such as Homes for Heroes and TDHCA Bond 77 will assist you with the down payment they do not cover much if any of the closing costs.  For example on Bond 77 TDHCA provides you with the down payment but does not provide you with the closing costs.  The same is true with with the Homes for Heroes down payment assistance program.   The HAP $10,000 down payment assistance program solves all of these problems for Texans wishing to purchase their first home.

Waiting to apply for down payment assistance means you may get none at all

It cannot be underscored enough that if you are considering using the HAP $10,000 down first time home buyer programs in Montgomery County Texaspayment assistance program in Texas that you get your application in to a Lender that is approved to offer the program immediately.  We offer these loans and access to this and many other Texas First time home buyer and down payment assistance programs.  If your lender does not carry ALL of the Texas Down payment assistance programs you may apply with us with our online application located here.

Where can I find out more about first time home buyer programs in Texas?

As more updates become available on Texas First time home Buyer Down Payment assistance programs we will post them at our first time home buyer and down payment assistance program page.