Texas Veterans Land Board Mortgage Rates for 01/30 to 02/05/2010

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2016)

Mortgage Rates for Texas Veterans

Texas Veteran Mortgages
Texas Veteran Mortgages


The Texas Veterans Land board offers Texas Veterans the opportunity for some of the lowest mortgage rates available today.  Contrary to the name these mortgage loans can be used to purchase regular everyday family homes in metro areas.  In addition, fees are strictly controlled and limited to protect the Veteran.  To see if you or your clients qualify for this program contact our office and we’ll get you pre-approved for the program.

Texas Veterans Land Board rates for Housing Assistance and Home Improvement Programs Base Rate for Housing/Home Improvement Loans: 5.03%.  The maximum Loan amount is $325,000.

Special Interest Rate Discount – For Texas Veterans Land Board Housing and Home Improvement Loans Only (The following discount to the rate may apply if qualifying criteria are met.) Qualified Texas Veterans with Disabilities Program Discount: -0.50% (The Veterans with Disabilities Discount applies to veterans with a compensable disability rated at thirty percent or greater by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.)


  • For loan payment estimates, please call our office.
  • The VLB Base Rate is subject to adjustment on the each week.
  • If more than one rate lock is obtained in a twelve-month period, the highest locked rate will prevail.
  • Housing loans are available with 15, 20, 25 or 30-year Mortgage terms.
  • The Veteran Must Qualify for a VA Mortgage, FHA or Conventional Loan
  • May Not Be combined with a USDA RD Mortgage

For a complete list of programs terms and rates contact our office directly at our contact page  or email us at the Right.

VA Loans for Texas Veterans
VA Loans for Texas Veterans