Builder New Construction Loans

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

As a Home Builder getting financing for your projects can be a challenge and the down payment requirements can limit your liquidity.  Why not have your buyer borrow the money?  We’re the #1 direct to consumer mortgage lenders.  Our Construction programs are designed for site built housing.  Our programs offer your customer, multiple financing options for construction, lot purchase, and permanent mortgage funding.

Free up your business credit lines

Rather than tie up your credit lines for large down payments to get the project started or incurring carrying costs for spec homes we have your buyer qualify for and get all of the financing before you put one hole in the ground and increasing your profit margin.

The Next question you as a builder may ask is how fast can you get draws.  We issue draws within 72 hours of receipt of the inspection report and even advance you a soft draw at closing up to 15% of the total project cost or more.  For more info Contact us for more details.

No Land = No Problem

Many lenders won’t give consumers construction loans unless they already own the land.  With all of our direct to consumer construction loans, your customer can buy the land and get the construction loan all at once.  They can even buy the land from you.

Benefits to builders using direct to consumer Construction Loans

  • Expand your pool of buyers with lower down payments and lower FICO scores, for new construction, build on their own lot, or purchase a lot from you.
  • One-Time Builder Approval process – not-annually
  • You free up your credit lines for other projects.
  • Soft-Draws Paid at Closing to get you started
  • Simplified draw process – quick turnaround on draws means a faster, smoother construction process for you.
  • In-House Construction Management Team – no complicated brokering communication

If you’ve been limited by your available credit and cash to build more homes then our direct to consumer loans may be the answer for you as a builder.  For more info Contact us for more details.